Saturday, 14 January 2017

When Dreaming Gets Complicated

It's official, I've fallen in love with this series, The Raven Cycle. I will admit when I read The Raven Boys I was unsure. I loved it, but there was uneasiness there for me. This time reading The Dream Theives I am definitely in love with this series. I only have one person to blame (well maybe me for reading it) Cait @ Paperfury for telling the world how good it is.

In the beginning the Prologue drew me back into he world of The Raven Boys and Blue straight away.

The Main Characters

Ronan Lynch

What I really loved is getting to know more about Ronan. In the first book he was the person most dark and most mysterious and the ending just left us (Although I do credit Maggie Stiefvater with leaving us hanging at the ends of both books) wanting to know more. I truly loved how much he evolved and became the different yet still with a darkness near the end. He's Ronan, very very Ronan.  I have to say I just loved the person he is and has become. That is to say I loved his character arc throughout the whole book. 

Adam Parrish 

Adam. He was just a complete and utter mess. The same and very different. Full of pride and anger. Scary and not. Forgetful, yet very alive. I love the confident person he seems to become in the end. His sureness in what he has to do.


In my opinion there wasn't enough Noah in the book. Although I did enjoy scenes he was in. Especially thought that scene where he and Blue pottered about at Monmouth Factory was pretty amusing. Okay hilarious. They did this and that and then. That ending part made it that tiny bit funnier. 

Blue Sargent 

Blue was ever afraid of the all meaningful kiss. Understandable but sad. Gansey and Blue together became a bit heart wrenching. I loved the scene where her family needed help with technology. For all their talents, they couldn't figure out how to work a mobile phone. That was an entertaining fact as well. 

The Story 

The subject of dreams was complex throughout. Characters questioning what they would see was real yet not at the same time. Dream Thieves a very appropriate name full of meaning. The ley line, Cabeswater, Adam, Gansey, Maura, everything is connected in a crazy way. I love the story Maggie Stiefvater has woven and while I totally blame Cait for being the introducer I must also thank her. Who knows if I would have heard of these books if she didn't mention them everywhere? 

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Overall the story was enrapturing and captured my attention the whole way through. There wasn't really any point I felt bored. It was an intriguing and mysterious read. Right to the end you want to know more and then it leaves you on a cliffhanger to keep you hanging and longing for the next book. I couldn't have asked for more. It is a book I would be willing to buy (since it was a library book) and one I would look forward to re-reading again eventually.

Have you read The Dream Thieves or The Raven Boys? Have you finished the series? Have you read any other Maggie Stiefvater books? Did you enjoy her books as much as I have been?

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