Tuesday, 27 June 2017

That Word: Penitent

Where I Discovered It

I found it on page 139 of Anne of Green Gables. It was a chapter, Good Imagination Gone Wrong. She burnt the pie. 


  1. Feeling or expressing sorrow for sin or wrongdoing and disposed to atonement and amendment; amendment; contrite.
  2. a penitent person
  3. A person who confesses sin and submits to a penance. (Roman Catholic Church)

Example Sentences

"Oh, I'm so sorry," said Anne penitently. - p. 139 Anne of Green Gables

"I'm so sorry, I wish, i wish I could take back what I said and did." Priscilla said penitently.

My Thoughts

When I first came across the word I had some idea of what it meant because of the context. I didn't remember ever really coming across the word before. I think it is a word that could quite easily be used in writing. 

One thing I've noticed is when I say it I forget to include the 'i' and say pentent. It's one of those words that can be glanced over quickly and you mind picks up not quite the right way to sound it. 

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Monthly Recap: June 2017

Life in General

School has been a bit busier with mid-year exams coming up. I've also been working on my mid-year English Writing folio.

I took a study at my youth group  a week ago which I felt pretty happy about, too. 


This month I had planned on writing between 5-7000 words more on my Lisa De Haven Project  but instead decided to do some more plotting. I think a bit more plotting will help my story get out better.

A new story idea came and I plotted one scene for it. As well as making a prologue that went into my English writing folio.

My writer's Facebook page reached 10 likes. Most family and friends. Although I haven't invited a lot of people to like it yet. It's a bit of a nervous experience.

I won a short short story competition that my Writer's Club at school ran. The basic instructions we were given was to base it off this picture and that it had to be a short short story. There wasn't a specific word count mentioned. The prize was Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The movie.

In July I plan plot more on my Lisa De haven Project so that when I start writing again that it will be able to be more fully written with not so much breaks in-between.


This month I read The Coronation by Olivia REST OF NAME. It's currently available for pre-order on kindle.

Current Read/s

I'm still slowly making my way through This Changes Everything: Subtitle by Jaquelle Crowe. It definitely a great read and has much in it.

On Jumbled Thoughts

I'm back: With updates
That Word: Twilit
I fell in love with stories
That Word: Zarf
That Word: Kemp

What's coming in July

There's one more That Word post coming in June before July even begins.


That Word

Story Post

That Word

July 13th: Something special

That Word

Writing Post: Beautiful People or the Writer's Tag

That Word 

Monthly Recap.

How was your June? What did you do?

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

That Word: Kemp


Where I Discovered It

I came across this word while playing words with friends. Although, I don not remember if it was I who played it or a friend.


  1. a) a strong, brave warrior, b) an athlete, especially a champion, c) a professional fighter, d) an impetuous or roguish young man.
  2. a contest as between two athletes or two groups of workers, especially a reaping contest between farm workers.
  3. to contest, fight,  or strive, especially to strive in a reaping contest.
  4. a short coarse, brittle finer used chiefly in the manufacture of carpets.

An Example Sentence

Before his disappearance Hector was an intellectual teen, but after his return he became known as the kemp.

My Thoughts

There are those words on Words with friends that surprise me. This was likely one of those. Kemp rhymes with hemp. I was surprised to find it had multiple meanings. For some raisin I had an idea that the meaning would be fairly simple. I really like the meaning, especially the first one. I think that is one I am more like to use most often if and when I use it. 

What are your thoughts? Have you seen or heard of the word Kemp before? Do you think you would use it in the future? 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

That Word: Zarf

That Word is the segment on my blog where I post new words that have newly discovered or have jumped out at me once again. If you love finding new words this post is for you. If you're a writer looking for different words to describe some this post may also be for you.  


This is a zarf

Where I Discovered It

This is another of those words I discovered while playing words with friends. 


  1. (in the levant) a holder, usually of ornamental metal, for a coffee cup without a handle. 

Example Sentence

Jayden held his cup by the the zarf, raising an eyebrow. He wasn't particularly fond of coffee.

My Thoughts

I love this word word because it is so unique. It is a word I certainly hadn't heard of before. It excites me because I didn't know there was such a thing as a zarf. If someone were to call it be it's actual name I would wonder it was a real word. 

As for how to say it. It sounds just like it looks. 

What are your thoughts? Have you heard of the word 'zarf' before? Have you seen or used it yourself before? Would  you use it if the opportunity came up? Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

I fell in love... with stories

As a bookworm it's no surprise that I am a lover of stories. In fact I'm not sure I would be able to tell you of a time I wasn't in love with stories. If I'm not reading one or even watching one through t.v shows and movies I'm sure to have one running through my mind. There is one question that I thought would be really interesting to address. 

Why did I fall in love with stories?

Now there really isn't a simple answer to that question. If I was to say it simply it would be this. 

Every story is an adventure.

For me no matter what type of story it is it is an adventure. It doesn't have to be a mystery or a fantasy story even a romance novel brings adventure. 

Why do I think This? 

You open each book likely intrigued by the blurb or maybe the cover has enticed you. Either way you begin to read. You are introduced to characters. They are the story. You are likely on edge trying to guess and imagine what they will do next. Is it a stupid decision where you feel embarrassed for them? Do you agree or disagree with them? Do you think they are making good choices or heading down the wrong path? Are you happy as they are happy, sad as they are sad or trustful and they are trusting and distrusting as they are? Are you in love as they are in love? 

Every story is unique. Every one holds a lesson something to be learned and all are an adventure. We could learn a new love in something we didn't know we had before (not necessarily with a character, either). It could what the story was trying to convey, too. There are so many things you can learn including interesting facts that may or may not ever be relevant but still are cool to know. 

What did you think? Did I convince you that stories are indeed an adventure? Or do you need to try it out more to find out? Remember there are different mediums of stories, find the one you love. Feel free to comment and come back next Saturday for a post on writing. 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

That Word: Twilit

That Word is the segment on my blog where I post new words that I discover newly or have jumped out at me once again. If you love finding new words this post is for you. If you're a writer looking for different words to describe some this post may also be for you.  


Where I Found It

This is yet another word that I found on a list on my phone. I think I have a fair idea of what this word could mean, though.


  1. lighted by or as by Twilight

An Example Sentence

The twilit desert was all anyone could see for miles.

My Thoughts

I think this is a bit of an unusual word. When I first read it and when I read it I do think of the word twilight. However putting it into a sentence is not necessarily easy. The word itself sounds quite similar to twilight, only the ending is different. I think it would be a good word to use to describe something at twilight, however it really would depend on the story to whether I would use it.

What did you think of the word? Is twilit a word you have come across before? Is it one you have used before? Would you use it? Feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

I'm Back: With Updates

I took a sudden hiatus recently. It wasn't really planned hence the sudden. Part of it was a quite sudden lack of motivation in blogging, but also I wanted to look at what I was posting and see what I could do to make it more meaningful which in turn would help me to write on here more consistently.  


June marks the month of my blogging anniversary. A year of blogging. It's almost hard to believe. Yeah it hasn't been full of consistencies but as with any writing, it's a journey.

I posted my first introductory post in April last year, but then was stalled when my computer had to be sent way to be fixed. When it arrived back in June, I soon got to planning and blogging. My first post was a book review of Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer. It was the 19th of the June. However I've counts it as the month due to it being where it began to shoot off for me with some regularity.  I may not have many followers as such yet, but I'm okay with that. It's not about the attention but rather my contest and what I want to write about.

A Schedule

I have put some thought into it and decided on a schedule. One that I hope to keep more.

Tuesdays- Expect a That Word post each week. 

  • 1st Saturday of the month - Scripture
In this post I will be choosing one or more verses and discussing them. It's something I've always thought of doing on here but haven't done. So Next month I will be starting that. 
  • 2nd Saturday of the month - Story Posts
Originally I was going to call this my bookish posts, but while it will include book reviews and things I've discovered I love through books I also want to include other forms of stories that I have come to love. An example will be T.V shows and movies.
  • 3rd Saturday of the month - My Writing
This Saturday I will focus a post on my writing. It is likely that I will often be posting a Beautiful People link-up which means you will likely be learning more about my characters. Other times I will post updates and things I have been learning lately too. 
  • 4th Saturday of the month - My monthly Recap. 
This is the post where I will recap what's been happening in my life this month. What's been happening on the blog and around other forms of media. I will inform you of the books I've read and am currently reading. Just an all round recap really. 

Of course this schedule could be prone to slight change and surprise posts, but generally this is the one I hope to keep. 

Other News

In May I set up my very own writer's page on Facebook. It's something I've been thinking about doing for a long while and finally got and did it after a friend asked about it recently. I hope to keep it updated consistently.

Some Fun Stats

All Time Pageviews: 1,874
Post with most views: August monthly recap with 62 page views.
Top 3 countries for page views are: United States (924), Australia (481) and France (300)

I hope you will join me for a new year of blogging. Next Saturday expect a story/bookish themed post. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment.