The Schedule

Tuesdays: Expect a That Word post each week.

1st Saturday of the month - Scripture

In this post I will be choosing one or more verses and discussing them. It's something I've always thought of doing on here but haven't done. So Next month I will be starting that. 

2nd Saturday of the month - Story Posts

Originally I was going to call this my bookish posts, but while it will include book reviews and things I've discovered I love through books I also want to include other forms of stories that I have come to love. An example will be T.V shows and movies.

3rd Saturday of the month - My Writing

This Saturday I will focus a post on my writing. It is likely that I will often be posting a Beautiful People link-up which means you will likely be learning more about my characters. Other times I will post updates and things I have been learning lately too. 

4th Saturday of the month - My Monthly Recap. 

This is the post where I will recap what's been happening in my life this month. What's been happening on the blog and around other forms of media. I will inform you of the books I've read and am currently reading. Just an all round recap really. 

Of course this schedule could be prone to slight change and surprise posts, but generally this is the one I hope to keep. 

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