Tuesday, 5 September 2017

That Word: Tempestuous

That Word is the segment on my blog where I post new words that I discover newly or have jumped out at me once again. If you love finding new words this post is for you. If you're a writer looking for different words to describe some this post may also be for you. This week's word is...


Where I Discovered It

I discovered 'tempestuous' while watching the anime, Your Lie in April.


  1. Characterised by or subject to tempests
  2. the nature of or resembling a tempest
  3. tumultuous; turbulent 

Example Sentence

She was tempestuous...  ~Your Lie in April

The tempestuous feeling in her stomach did not bode well. 

She was as fiery as they came, a tempestuous one. 

My Thoughts

Tempestuous is a word I have heard before. Although I'm not sure that it is entirely uncommon. It wasn't till I heard it again that it struck me more. I found it not so surprising what the word meant. I had had an idea partly from the context it was used in and partly that the prefix of the word is tempest. And many people would be aware that a tempest is a storm.

I kind of love saying tempestuous. It is a word with many syllables, yet looking at the word I feel that I could say them right every time. Unlike some words in the English language that seemed made to trick us, is written with an easy understanding of how it's pronounced. At least that's how I see it. 

I definitely want to use it in my writing. In some way. Tempestuous I believe is another word that we can use to explain when someone is angry or the weather if is particular tempestuous. I dare say it is becoming a favourite of mine. 

What do you think of 'tempestuous'? Have you seen or heard it around before? Have you used it? Would you use it? Comment below and feel free to tell me your thoughts. 

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