Saturday, 24 June 2017

Monthly Recap: June 2017

Life in General

School has been a bit busier with mid-year exams coming up. I've also been working on my mid-year English Writing folio.

I took a study at my youth group  a week ago which I felt pretty happy about, too. 


This month I had planned on writing between 5-7000 words more on my Lisa De Haven Project  but instead decided to do some more plotting. I think a bit more plotting will help my story get out better.

A new story idea came and I plotted one scene for it. As well as making a prologue that went into my English writing folio.

My writer's Facebook page reached 10 likes. Most family and friends. Although I haven't invited a lot of people to like it yet. It's a bit of a nervous experience.

I won a short short story competition that my Writer's Club at school ran. The basic instructions we were given was to base it off this picture and that it had to be a short short story. There wasn't a specific word count mentioned. The prize was Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The movie.

In July I plan plot more on my Lisa De haven Project so that when I start writing again that it will be able to be more fully written with not so much breaks in-between.


This month I read The Coronation by Olivia REST OF NAME. It's currently available for pre-order on kindle.

Current Read/s

I'm still slowly making my way through This Changes Everything: Subtitle by Jaquelle Crowe. It definitely a great read and has much in it.

On Jumbled Thoughts

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What's coming in July

There's one more That Word post coming in June before July even begins.


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Monthly Recap.

How was your June? What did you do?

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