Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A New Year

I've tried to write my new year post several times. I think my problem is I'm trying to make it to complicated. So here I try again and hope that simpler is better.

This year or should I say last year I had one main goal.


1. Finish my first novel draft. :( This goal was not completed.

I didn't really make a comprehensive list of goals last year. Unlike this year.


1. Finish the first draft of a novel. I think that I will be able to accomplish it this year because I have felt that I have grown so more in my writing of the last year. 

2. Post consistently. I accidentally stopped posting around October/November. I don't want to do the same thing. Hopefully the next time I take a hiatus it would be announced properly and not leave any readers unaware. 

3. Bookstagram consistently. I started bookstagramming last year without much consistency. I have enjoyed participating and joining with other bookworms in challenges and just in bookstagram. I hope that I can gain consistency as I continue to do so.

4. Outline 3 Novels. I have never plotted a full novel out before. I have always been a pantser (my computer likes autocorrecting this to Panther. It's happened before too). The problem with having several story ideas always floating around in my head means that I need to get them out at least roughly at some point. Now I just have to pick which three.

5. Keep Consistency in my school work. About third and fourth term last year I lost motivation doing school work which lead to a lot more procrastination in all areas of my life. This is definitely one thing I want not to happen this year in grade 12. 

Fun Stats and Other Details

Last year I started bookstagramming. Originally I didn't set up my instagram account for that purpose so I had set it on private. When I participated in my first bookstagram challenge it took almost the whole month for me to realise that no one else would see it. When I did set it on public I really enjoyed sharing with the bookworm community on instagram. Now I have not been at all regular with my posting on instagram sometimes going a whole month without posting other times only a few days apart. I have enjoyed seeing the likes comes in and follows as well. As of today I have 44 followers. Which is pretty exciting. 

Top Sites Traffic 

  2. Instagram 

Top Countries Traffic 

  1. USA
  2. Australia
  3. France 
France was the one that surprised me the most. 

So there is my last year and new year and some fun stats. I hope you stick around for the new. 

How did you go with your own goals last year? What goals have you made for this year? 

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