Tuesday, 24 January 2017

That Word: Cosset

That Word is the segment on my blog where I post new words that I discover newly or have jumped out at me once again. If you love finding new words this post is for you. If you're a writer looking for different words to describe some this post may also be for you. 


Where I Discovered It?

This was another word that I found through a post that a writer's group had shared from dictionary.com. 


  1. to treat as pet; pamper; coddle
  2. a lamb brought up without its dam; pet lamb.
  3. any pet.

An Example Sentence

It was either cosset it him or totally ignore him. They knew no in-between.

My Opinion 

I honestly had never heard of this word before this. It is not a lengthy word but sounds kind of complicated. The meaning is interesting too. I hope to slip it into stories I will be/ am writing.

Have you heard of this word before? Have or would you use it? What do you think about Cosset?


  1. At first I thought this was Cosette from Les Mis. 😂 heeh. But I haven't actually seen this as a word and I didn't know what it meant!! Yay I have learned things!

    1. I didn't realise it looked so similar to Cosette. I'm happy you learned something from this post.