Tuesday, 5 July 2016

That Word Plethora

This segment of my blog is inspired by Victoria Grace Howell Word definition that we get as part of her weekly Writerly Bundles and by me when I come across words I have a vague sense of the meaning but not a complete sense of the word.

I often come upon words that I either haven't heard of before I can't remember the meaning. These posts are for those words and in hopes of helping others remember the meanings and introduce them to words they may not know.

The first word is ...


Where I Found It

I first came across this word on this word in a book somewhere. I can't remember exactly where but I can remember stopping to look it up because it was new to me. Ever since then it has entered my head at random times.

The Definition/s

  1. overabundance; excess
  2. Pathology Archaic. a morbid condition due to excess of red corpuscles in the blood or increase in quantity of the blood. (There you go I learnt something new)

An Example Sentence

There can never be a plethora of books.

My Thoughts

Now when I think of this word I always think of the first definition (I didn't know the second one). I also love the way the word sounds. It just seems to roll off the tongue.

What did you think of this word? Have you heard it before? Would you use it? Do you think it is a word you can remember? 

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