Saturday, 2 July 2016

Monthly Recap: June

Hey all, welcome to my first Monthly Recap. Not a lot has happened on the blog yet but I do have it back up and running now that I have my computer back all fixed. Quite a few things have happened in my life lately though.

In My Life

First thing is from the 5 to the 7th I went on a school trip to Melbourne, Victoria. I went lots of educational places. Which wasn't too, bleh. Although a couple of places may have been a touch boring. We went to the Melbourne Museum, the Melbourne Markets, Melbourne Aquarium, Jewish Holocaust Museum, the Immigrations Museum, the National Art Gallery, The Hellenic Museum (Greek. The main reason was for Ancient Greece) and then I went bowling. Which I actually managed to get a few strikes. I came second in one game and tied last in the next.

Leopard Eels at the Aquarium

I could have had some free time to go shopping but I'm not that big of a shopper (though books, maybe). I think the most memorable was the Jewish Holocaust Museum. I knew that it the holocaust was pretty bad, but I don't think I realised how bad till I went there. I would recommend it if you're ever in Melbourne. We even got the opportunity to talk to a survivor. 

At the Museum

On the 7th I was meant to come home on the plane but then the all flights home were cancelled. Virgin Australia did put my school group in a 4 1/2 star hotel. It was better than the previous one we stayed in and we also received food vouchers. Meanwhile at home roads were closing. We had the worst floods in about 80 years! and I missed most of it. 
Local swimming area in flood taken after I had made it home safe and sound
My tea at the 4 1/2 star hotel

Almost a week after I got back me and a couple of my friends went to the movies and saw Alice Through The Looking Glass. Then about a week after that I went with my youth group to see Finding Dory. It was awesome by the way. I loved it and baby Dory was so adorable. 


Also on Monday and Wednesday I had my first exams ever and because of the subjects I chose (English and Ancient Civilisations) I had to write two essays for each. One essay per hour. English = lots of quotes to memorise. Ancient Civs = remember where you learned that. A little bit scary, but I hope I did okay. Luckily now I have two weeks of holidays. I hope to try Camp Nanowrimo once again as well as work on an essay for a History competition. My life in all it's craziness. 

Also my birthday happened. I'm now officially 17 years old. I think part of me is scared for 18 because it means I will be able to vote. I received new ugg boots (My feet are loving the warmth) and Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. I'm not totally sure if I will love or hate this. I've heard people with both so I guess I will find out soon. Chocolate and money and a new pen and a gift card to my local Christian bookstore. I used it to buy The Skin Map by Stephen R. Lawhead.  

A pile of gifts I received

What I've Watched

I caught up with RWBY and then re-watched all the volumes again.
I also started watching Stargate Atlantis with Mum, Dad and my younger brother. We've almost finishe season 4.

What I've Read

  • I finished reading Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan on the 1st of June.
  • I spent almost a whole month reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer because life (which equals mostly school).
  • I finished reading The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan.

What I Plan To Read

I'm currently reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas which was one of my birthday presents. I will be picking up The Sky So Heavy by Clair Zorn and Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson from the library on Monday. 

On the Blog

Hello and a Book Review - In which I was able to get this blog up and running.
Beautiful People June Edition - In which I participated in my first Beautiful People.

This month I have a post planned about my writing and how I go about it. I also plan to have one written on The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and possibly and then another Monthly Recap.

Around the Blogosphere

Cait @ Paper Fury wrote a great post titled Who Is The Intended Audience For YA Books? It is worth a read. Your age doesn't define what you read.

Mel @ The Daily Prophecy wrote a post on Her Favourite Childhood Animation Movies. It makes me smile to remember my favourite ones and I love re-watching them. Also I'm not sure that I've seen some of them. I must watch them sometime.

Katie Grace @ A Writer's Faith wrote Being A Writer Is Powerful that was inspiring.

What was your June like? Have you been busy? 


  1. Omg thanks for linking to my post!! *blushes* YOU ARE SO NICE. :D

    And happy birthday! And also getting chocolate for one's birthday and books is so excellent so yayyy for you. ;D And I haven't seen Finding Dry yet BUT I NEED TO BECAUSE I NEED TO SEE CUTE BABY DORY. (I've seen a few pictures and fajdkslad so adorable.) Also your school trip sounds amazing! Yay for Museums and good times. I hope it wasn't too freezing down there for you though. ;D

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  2. You're welcome :) Yes! Baby Dory is the most adorable thing ever!! And the trip wasn't too cold, thankfully. :)

    Thanks for commenting. :D