Saturday, 9 July 2016

My Life of Writing

As this blog is still fairly new I thought that maybe you should know a little bit about me so here is my post about my writing. Enjoy!

My Past In Stories

I can barely remember a time when a story has not been running around in my head. As far as I can remember they've always been there. I remember trying to write stories many times through my childhood and not then letting them go. The same sort of thing has happened when it has come to journalling. I will get a new notebook and maybe write a day here or there but then it goes nowhere. 

Well, this changed at the end of grade 8. That year I received a secret santa present of a notebook and a pen together. It was the perfect gift because this was the notebook I began journalling consistently in as well as writing a few crazy story ideas that would have been in my head back then. I think it was partially this prompt that helped me really gain my moment in my dream for writing.

My Fairly New Notebooks

What I Write

Though I haven't actually written a complete first draft yet there are bits and pieces of stories floating everywhere. By everywhere I mean I have had lots of notebooks since grade 8. Many of the stories that come to me are definitely fantasy. In fact I believe there are few without some sort of fantasy element in it.

If you were to ask me what completed works I have written I would tell you I have written short stories and poems. These short stories are what I would call very short. They are only around 500 words in length and were for writing competitions I did to for school. Some of them I believe I could actually expand into novels. When I started some of them they were a piece of some story idea I had in mind. I do write poems, but mostly they are just written as they come out. Quite a few of them  are focused on God but there are others that are not and a few of those I think could be a bit strange. 

A couple of my older notebooks

My Goals

I have one main goal for this year and that is to finish the first draft of my novel. I had thought that I could work on this during Camp Nanowrimo but I didn't end up working on it as much as I would of liked and I changed my mind on the story I was working on because I felt I didn't have that much planning for it. The story I have currently been working on I am doing a lot of planning. I feel I would benefit from that.

My Computer

How I Write

I pretty much take my two notebooks everywhere. One is for journalling and the other is for creative writing. For me it is a big no no not to have them. If I don't have room in my school bag I do my best to make them fit. At the start of the year I started with only take one of them to school with me but I then started taking two and couldn't continue with the sacrifice of one.

I also write on my computer but it is handy to write bits of scenes in my notebooks when I have spaces of time that a too short for getting my computer out but long enough to write something out by hand.

What about you? What do you write? What are your writing goals? Do you write with your laptop or other device or do you prefer to write in a notebook first? 

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