Sunday, 11 September 2016

Crown of Midnight: UP UP UP

If you read my review of Throne of Glass you would've been away that I wasn't really sure if I would end up reading the next book so you might be surprised to be getting another review in the same series so soon. The reason for this is that a few weeks a go (in August) a man at church gave me Crown of Midnight and said I could have it. I was so shocked and then absolutely excited to start reading it.

My Earlier Thoughts

As I read Crown of Midnight I realised I was reading it with a refreshing look to what I had for Throne of Glass. Maybe it was the excitement of being given a book by a man I only vaguely know but still I was looking at it in a new light than the last.

I was definitely intrigued right from the start to see how she would deal with her current situation. How would one deal with it especially with one like the king as their 'boss'.

I loved her relationship with Chaol. Though, I do wish that Dorian and her appeared to be more friend like.

More Thorough 

There are so many things to say that I don't know what to say exactly and that probably makes no sense. What I mean is that I absolutely loved Crown of Midnight. For reason I was really excited to read it even after my disappointing feelings I had from Throne of Glass. I loved that we learnt so much more about Celaena. So much more. Also slightly in accordance to Celaena we met Mort. I liked him snarky as he maybe. Though wow in that she went through so much. There were so many feels. It was all fine (sort of) and then suddenly everything blew up. 


:D Celaena became someone that I can hardly describe she was so, my feelings are so hard to comprehend.  

We received hints at what the king was planning which was a drastically draft (not even sure what I mean by that). Dorian, he is getting rather exciting. How will he keep it up (what you ask? you will find out if you read it) and we learnt more about the world and everything.

Celaena has gone through much in the past and she still has so much to go through (that I don't know yet).

To Round It Up

I loved Crown of Midnight thoroughly. This may not be most thorough or coherent review but I loved the books so much. It brought me such excitement and entertainment to my day and was the perfect book to read for longs hours without needing a break (other books can leave you needing one). I think I will be reading Assassins Blade shortly because someone suggested in a review I skimmed and I think it wouldn't be a bad idea before I go onto the next book. At the end of Throne of Glass I wasn't totally sure if I would continue the series, now I am definitely sure I will. So much more excitement to come. :D

Have you read this book? What did you think about it? Did live up to any expectations? Do you plan to read on? 

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  1. Oh yay for this book exceeding your exceptions! I love it when books do that. 😂 I'm not a huge fan of the series anymore, but I did enjoy CoM when I read it (ohh, maybe 3 years ago now?!?) And The Assassin's Blade is VERY FEELS DESTROYING so *gives you cake in preparation* I think this is also my favourite cover of the series!