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Throne of Glass In A Book Review

I received this books as a birthday present this year. My friend who gave it to me isn't a big reader at all so it was much appreciated. She even told me three book worms had suggested it. On saying that I didn't really know what to expect from it. I know there are lots of people out there that love it and I know there are people out there who don't like (or hate) it. On saying that I had actually borrowed this from the library once and didn't finish it (my friend didn't know this) I'm not sure whether it was all life getting in the way or it didn't hold my attention. It's rare for me to not like a book that much. In other words I don't think I've rated a book lower than three stars (in other words a C). I actually found there were a lot of things I didn't like while reading this. It was a surprise to not like so many things in the book because I don't usually do. But hopefully they don't override this whole review. Bear with me if you will. I will list the things I liked below the ones I didn't maybe so I can leave you with a sweet taste (I really don't know why I'ming saying this(.

Throne of Glass amongst my pile of birthday presents


To start off with in the beginning there was so much attention to her looks that I got sick of it. It irritated me. Celaena is an assassin one who has been in a "special" prison for a year which normally means most people would be dead. She survived. She sort of has freedom and she's thinking about how she looks in front of Dorian Havilliard a prince of a royal family she hates. So who cares. She should've been like 'I stick it in your face'. In my opinion.

Dorian. I really didn't see that great a need for him as a love interest. Maybe it matters more in later books maybe it doesn't (I have absolutely no idea) but I didn't care for it. Chaol on the other hand I could imagine being good for her if she let him. If she realised it. I like him much better than Dorian.

Another misgiving for me is about when we learned her cover. She introduced herself to her servant Philippa as Celaena and was told off. It's not like she even knew what other name she could call herself by.

There is a certain point in the novel where we are thrown into several people's POV's. This irritated me also. We had almost been reading the whole novel in Celaena's point of view before this. Suddenly there were all to many.

Throne of Glass with a bit of Blue

What made me Smile
I found it kind of funny she was insulted at being a jewel thief.

I also liked Nol he was smart and kind and if (or when) I read the next book (s) I hope to see him again.

Early on it was the prospect of magic that excited me the most. That scene early on where they stop in the forest introduced to me that it was there but I wanted to know ever so much more and still do to be honest. We barely seem to know anything except maybe a bit on the wyrd marks and even that isn't much.

I also loved Nehemiah. She was quite a deceptive princess. I loved her character.


I want to know more about Celaena's past. Yes, it would be nice to know some more things in her assassin years but what I really want to know is more about her past before then. Before she was found in that river. It's that and magic that really has my attention.

To Finish Off
Altogether I think this book was okay. I didn't love it but by the end I was enjoying it. I think I might want to read the next book but I don't know when and don't think I will be in a rush.

All up I rate it a....

Celaena Sardothien, a master assassin caught, tortured and survived where others have not.

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Did you love it or hate it?

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