Wednesday, 3 August 2016

That Word Spleniferous

This segment of my blog is inspired by Victoria Grace Howell Word definition that we get as part of her weekly Writerly Bundles and by me when I come across words I have a vague sense of the meaning but not a complete sense of the word.

I often come upon words that I either haven't heard of before I can't remember the meaning. These posts are for those words and in hopes of helping others remember the meanings and introduce them to words they may not know.

Our next word is...


Where I Found It

I found this word in Cait @ Paperfury post, 10 Most Splendiferous Bookworm Moments. At first I thought that it has to be a made up word. I was surprised when she mentioned in her first couple of sentences that it was actually a word. I immediately looked it up for myself and knew that I need to added it to the list of words to share with you.

The Definition/s

1. Splendid; magnificent; fine.

Example Sentence

Jaye thought chocolate cake was a splendiferous invention.

A delicious chocolate mud cake I made for my brother's birthday last year.

My Thoughts

When I first saw this word I thought it was made up. It just sounded that way, but when Cait mentioned in the first couple of sentence that it wasn't I knew I had to see it for myself. Not that I didn't believe her it's just that it sounds like an unreal word. Now I love it and feel like I should use it more often. Also Splendiferous sounds like it has a more definite split in it when you say it slowly but when you say it faster I think it sounds cooler. 

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