Monday, 3 April 2017

Monthly Recap: March

March began with a craziness that only school knows. I had a week of a lot of homework all of a sudden.


This month I made a goal for writing but craziness of school and perhaps a little procrastination got the best of me. It seemed March was the month where grade 12 and homework amped up. I could never truly say I hated school though. I'm enjoying it.

I never did reach my goal of 20,000 words nor did I reach even half of that but I'm okay with it. I'm not condemning myself for not reaching it. I did feel that I kept a mostly steady pace and in those small moments like waiting for the bus or walking down the street am exploring the story and characters in my mind. A lot of the story is being developed that way. As next month is April I will take part in Camp Nanowrimo. I think again I will set my goal for 20,000 words and just see how I go. I know that I have two weeks holidays coming up this April so I'm sure that will give me plenty more time to write. 

Something new I did this month was teach my first Sunday School lesson. I've been a helper in Sunday School for several years and last year I wanted to teach but didn't really put enough mind into doing so. This year I felt like it was right. I was praying in the room before had and as I did came up with ideas how to teach the lesson to be more interactive with the kids. Another thing was that I surprised myself by being more excited than nervous for it. I can't wait now to teach again in the future. 

In youth group this month we were given homework. One week to research a Bible character we had to blindly pick out of a box. I picked out John, the disciple. I've found it interesting and a bit fun. I was able to dive into some of Dad's Bible college books briefly to find more on him. This experience had inspired me to do more in-depth character studies of other people in the Bible. I was tossing up with either doing Esther or David. In the end I decided David because I felt he was more on my heart. I'm kind of excited to teach some of the Sunday School kids what I learn about him. Maybe something different about the most popular story of David. 

At school I would say my favourite class has been English Writing. It's been exciting learning more about writing. I've especially been learning about choices. That there are so many choices we make like what genre, POV, plot, setting. Some of these for are some that I didn't really know how many choices I was making as I wrote some of my short stories and was planning my novel. 

I haven't been very consistent with my bookstagram this month either, but I have started to pick that up again this last week. I realised taking pictures ahead of time is very helpful. 

On Jumbled Thoughts

In April

I planning another writing desire post this month this time telling you about some of my favourite quotes. 

I also going to put more thinking into my content on the blog. Lately I've been posting mostly That Word's and Monthly recaps and few in-between. I think I need to take a slight step back and decide more on the content I want to share. 

This month I am also participating in Camp Nanowrimo once again. I've set a goal for round about 15,000 -20,000 words. I would be happy with a minimum of 10,000 words written. 

That was a brief of my month and my plans for April. How was your month? What did you do? Are you doing Camp Nanowrimo this month? What's goal?


  1. Good luck with Camp NaNo!! It's always fun to write when you know other writers are beating away at it too, I think.😜 I always enjoy knocking together a draft in April! Ohhh, and that's awesome you taught Sunday School and enjoyed it!! 🎉

    1. Thanks, I would say good luck to you to but I'm pretty sure I saw you say somewhere that you've completed your novel. I hope you had fun. Yeah, it is pretty cool knowing that in many countries around the world there are fellow writers writing with you.

      Thanks for commenting.