Monday, 6 March 2017

Mini Reviews

Mini Reviews

This week I've decided to do a mini book reviews. This shows you a brief glimpse about a few books I've liked but haven't reviewed fully giving you what I thought were strength and weaknesses. Enjoy.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I almost didn't buy this book, but I am really glad I did.


  • A quick read that gripped me every second along the way
  • Jacob was sad in the beginning. 
  • Didn't really have a place in the world
  • Largely about Jacob finding his place in the world


  • We really only get to know a small portion of the peculiar children well. 

Looking Forward: In the next books I look to meeting new and just as whacky (or even more so) characters as well as a further development of their world. There is so much potential and I can't wait to see what comes.

Page (Protector of the Small) by Tamora Pierce

I read the first book in this series a couple of years ago and thought recently that maybe I should continue the series. Even though I was still hesitant in reading it because of some concerns I had from reading the first novel. 


  • Kel starts with getting into lots of fights than later on it happens less. Partly due to growing partly because she was smart.
  • She challenged herself with her fear of heights when she stopped getting punishments that forced her to. 
  • The first book only covered one year, while this covered her last three years.
  • Joren a thorn in Kel's side appears to change, although I think it's more his tactics that change. Still better and more sly. 


  • Several years could also be a weakness. There's a lot of time where Kel has to grow but I didn't feel that her voice over all changed too much even though she grew from a young girl into more of a young women. 
  • It shows a lot of discrimination against girls becoming knights. Although we see them changing for some I would like to see some more people be more for it. 
I'm glad I read it because in the end I immensely enjoyed it.

Dragonborn by Toby Forward.

I reread Dragonborn because I decided it was about time I read the rest of the series. 


  • A young Sam, going through neglect that makes me care about him
  • A decision to make about his future. relatable because we all have that to make. 
  • A wizarding world with interesting creatures and rules. 
  • People who try and help and harm Sam. He is important, although he doesn't realise this. 
  • A complex story.


  • Often mentioning of the wizarding way. Standing in such a way that you know it's a wizard. Okay. More details what makes them a wizard.
  • Perhaps too many characters. There is trouble connecting with so many wizards.

Overall I did enjoy the book and hope to read the rest of the series sometime soon. 

I hoped you enjoyed my mini reviews. 

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? Feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts. 

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