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Nation Novel Writing Month most commonly known as NaNoWriMo happened this November. Once again I attempted to reach the goal of writing a novel or at least 50,000 in November. While to most this may seem crazy the idea rather excites me. For me though this month I didn't aim for 50,000 and instead chose to aim for 12,000 words which is the most I have achieved in a month before. Did I make even that seemingly minuscule goal compared to the original amount? No.

Why I chose for less and still failed. 

I chose to aim for 12,000 words one because I knew I could do it but also because I had my first ever end of year exams which left me knowing I needed more time spent studying than working on the story that was knocking of the door of my heart. I started off the month really well with my goal and even got a little bit ahead for what I wanted, but then my enemy procrastination came in. What is that? I actually did very little studying (though I did do some). For some reason the month of November was more a month of binge watching movies and t.v shows. Yes, I enjoyed doing that but I also realised what a time waster it was. This makes me realise what I need to change. I need to stop this and instead use it as a prize for getting to a certain goal. 

The actual story

My story was originally going to be set in a modern fantasy world. Originally meaning that didn't end up happening. I got through the first 722 words struggling. The story wasn't coming out as easy as I wanted it to be and it just felt wrong. Now it's a story I still want to write but just not yet. Instead after all that struggling I started naturally writing another story. This story is actually set in the same world and country just several hundred years in the past. 

I'm very happy with the change because this is where the other story originally evolved from and well I'm more in love with it and I had more idea of a plot which was still very little. I remembered much details that had not been written down but were scenes from several weeks ago that resurfaced in this strange brain of mine (which I just envisioned as a mushy brain. Jumbled Thoughts indeed). I love what I have written so far and look forward for what is to come. Zoltan is well I just love him. He's broken yet will be healed. Sick and almost dies and will learn many things. I almost feel like evilly laughing. 
My current Notebook spread with Zoltan's story

What's Next

The story is far from finished. 8,741 words so far and almost 200 has been written since November. My goal for the rest of the year is to write constantly each day. I want to absolutely get to 12,000 words, but also aim for 20,000 or so. Exams are finished and I'm now on holidays more time to practice less procrastination and more concentration perhaps? Strangely enough I have no desire to binge watch as I once did so now my desire is writing and reading. Why did this happen during November. *Shakes head* Oh dear. 


I mentioned in my Beautiful Books post for November that I'm more like a Batman when it comes to writing. I don't tell many people I am writing a book and I certainly don't share. So with a heart of trying to be a little less like a lone writer here are some snippets from the work so far. Keep in mind the story has barely begun. 

Zoltan had scooted over to the side of the room, mostly looking down as he sat in a hugging the knees position. Occasionally his gaze would flit towards the door then back to a spot on the ground in front of him. His breath sometimes sped away and he struggled to calm it down. One panic attack earlier did not stop others from being on the verge of rearing their ugly heads. 

Zoltan fiddled with the trouser material at his knee and hesitantly looked up at everyone. “It’s not just gifts we have but brains and physical skills as well.” He said in a less brusque way then before but still radical. 

Thanks for reading :D Did you participate in NaNoWriMo this year? How did you do? If not have you done it before? 

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