Sunday, 17 April 2016


Hello and welcome to my new blog Jumbled Thoughts.

I am Anna Jayne Jacobson.

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now as in the last year or so but didn't really feel ready to. For the last month or so though I have had the thought of starting a blog almost constantly on my mind. It just wouldn't stay away. I knew that I needed to give it a go.

So this month over the past month or so I have been thinking and planning. I have decided that a focus on the blog will be towards writing especially stories. I'm a big reader and constantly have some sort of story on my mind. This month I am working doing Camp Nanowrimo. The story I am doing is a bit of an old one. Meaning a few years old. I originally used the idea for the first time I did nanowrimo in November. It was that year that I discovered how much I could write in a month if I put my mind to it though it was only 12,000 words. That story has since changed though it still has some similarities. I have had time to think about it over the years and develop the main character more. I worked on it a bit last year before November I think but I have had a pretty big break since then. I'm enjoying working on it again.

I have digressed slightly. I plan on writing about my passions and they include writing, books and God. I seem to always have some story stuck in my head, though none have been fully written down yet. Only tit bits here and there. I've been thinking lately of how many I've had. This year I'm focusing on two of them (You'll hear more about them soon). Books, well I love them. It's sometimes so hard to put them aside to do my homework, but I know I should do that first. 

I'm not sure how I will go with posting regularly. I had planned to do at least two posts a month but now I'm going to try for one post a week. We'll see how it goes I guess. My posting days will be Saturday and I will officially start them with on the last Saturday of April. 

So, here's my brief introduction I hope you will stay around for more.

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